How To Get Your Voice Back

the book

With close to twenty years of journaling, Sha realized that she had taken specific steps to change her mindset, quiet that negative inner voice and rebuild the vision that she had for her life.

She has taken those many years of experience and narrowed it down to these six simple steps. This journal helps you uncover your dream life, goals and sets you up for the future.

the author

Sha Sparks uncovered her passion for making a difference in other people’s lives while being a cosmetologist and engaging in deep meaningful conversations with those around her.

She has been known to facilitate a breakthrough for her clients by peeling away the layers of their mindset and negative inner dialogue, all the while she continuously showing them compassion and empathy.

Sha is a positive, cheerleader-like force that propels others forward in achieving their vision for their life through being an author, coaching services, and keynotes.

How To Get Your Voice Back